The perfect edible cocktail for summer.


8oz or 16oz Drunken Fruit® Watermelon

Havana Club Anejo Blanco (3 -Year Preferred)

Marti Autentico-Cuban Style Rum with Natural Lime and Mint Flavors

Fresh Mint Leaves

1 Key Lime

Club Soda

Simple Syrup (Optional)

Muddle a handful of fresh mint and a squeeze of fresh key lime at the bottom of the glass. Drop 3-4 Drunken Fruit Watermelon balls and ice into the glass. Layer fresh sprigs of mint and Drunken Fruit Watermelon balls to desired height. Add rum, Marti, Drunken Fruit Watermelon dew, and simple syrup to a shaker. Shake well until ingredients are combined. Carefully pour the mixture into the glass. Serve and Enjoy!


"Refreshing and sweet. Heaven in a glass!"

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Our recipe was brilliantly recreated by Camille Wilson, The Cocktail Snob, lifestyle blogger and cocktail enthusiast based in NYC. Please visit for guides and reviews, happy hour at home recipes, and much more. Named Top 20 Black Mixologists You Need On Your Radar by "Food & Wine."